Sustainability Becoming More Desirable In Commercial Leasing

Over the past several years, our knowledge about climate change, what it is and how it affects our world has slowly but surely given rise to a significant shift in our cultural awareness. In turn, this has had an impact on how and where we live and work, and what we now expect from our buildings. Commercial property experts agree that the importance of eco-friendly features are now of paramount importance to investors and business owners looking to lease or purchase commercial property. But retrofitting a property doesn’t need to be difficult or come with a high price tag – in fact, it might be easier than you think.

Did you know that lighting can count for up to 40% of energy costs in a commercial building? One of the easiest ways to make a commercial property more sustainable is by simply changing the light globes. There is an enormous range of energy-efficient options these days, including LED globes and compact fluorescent lamps to replace outdated, energy-wasting incandescent light bulbs. Another option is to harness the power of natural sunlight. Install skylights, use reflective surfaces such as mirrors and lighten up the wall colour with paint to help natural daylight bounce around the workspace. This in turn will reduce the need for lights to be used during the day.

While we’re talking about the sun, installing commercial-grade solar power systems, such as solar panels, hot water systems and solar leasing, are also a fantastic way to provide a sustainable form of power to a business, as well as assisting with ongoing running costs in the long-term. Government rebates and tax breaks for businesses act as an extra incentive, while some of the large banks are even offering low-interest loans to companies investing in sustainable power systems.

If there’s the space, rainwater tanks are becoming more and more popular with commercial businesses that utilise a lot of water, such as a factory, horticultural or agricultural enterprise. If the business is an office, try to aim for a paper-free workplace by scanning and storing documents on computer systems. If the use of paper cannot be avoided, ensure it is recycled properly.

Providing sustainable alternatives to commercial property will not only improve the desirability of your investment to people looking to lease or buy, but can potentially improve a business’s green credentials as well. Essentially, green credentials are the qualities that a business displays to show new and existing customers, the media and competitors that it believes in protecting the environment. Green credentials can give rise to a whole range of benefits, including providing a marketing edge on competitors and attracting a new target audience that prioritises the environment. It will even make businesses eligible to enter sustainability award programs.

These days, sustainability is an extremely significant factor to consider when thinking about leasing or purchasing a commercial building. If you are currently looking for commercial property in Perth, talk to the management team at Altegra Property Group today on 9221 1966

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