Poor Internet Access Could Be Costing Your Business

In this technologically advanced world, having access to high-speed Internet broadband is becoming more and more of a necessity for both large and small Australian businesses.


On a global scale, faster Internet speeds are considered to be having a positive influence on emerging economies, which in turn are allowing developing parts of the world to access a slice of the action previously dominated by big businesses based in well-established countries. Simply put, thanks to the advent of Internet technology, the world is a much smaller place than it used to be and business is becoming an increasingly level playing field. It’s now connected in ways in which we could only ever dream of. So how does all this online interconnectivity affect your business?


A recent study involving a macro survey of companies and their financial data has shown that having access to high-speed Internet increases productivity in the workplace by seven to ten percent. This increase was seen to be consistent across both city-based and rural areas, as well as in industries with a low-level to high-level knowledge base. In a nutshell, the study illustrates how having fewer service outages and disruptions due to poor Internet connection makes for greater workforce productivity, irrespective of what kind of business it is or where it is located. Not to mention the overall time wastage, stress and frustration for staff caused by an inadequate, outdated mode of online connection.


These days, time is of the essence and customers have little patience for business websites that are slow and clunky. If a page takes too long, they will simply click on a competitor’s website instead. Many business nowadays take advantage of ‘the cloud’ – cloud-based services that depend on a good Internet connection. Should you need to download large high-quality image files or update your social media content frequently, a slow Internet connection is bound to be disruptive for everyone.


The rollout of the high-speed National Broadband Network, or NBN, has already occurred in many suburbs in and around Perth. NBN offers a super-fast Internet connection, with speeds of up to one hundred megabits per second at greatest capacity. That’s a two hundred megabyte television show downloaded in just sixteen seconds. Can your existing Internet connection compete with that?


Perth businesses and commercial agents are fortunate in that they already have a large tract of suburbs to choose from where NBN has been installed. According to the NBN rollout’s official website, suburbs that are connected up and ready to go include Osborne Park, Innaloo, Victoria Park, Applecross and Rockingham. Areas in and surrounding Joondalup, already a hot-spot for commercial real estate, also now enjoy NBN.


High-speed Internet access and connectivity is of paramount importance for businesses these days and, if they want to succeed in a competitive online global marketplace, it should be one of the top priorities when looking for commercial property or office leasing. If you are trying to locate an area for your Perth business that is technologically competitive, talk to Altegra Property Group, the commercial property experts, today on 9221 1966.

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