Is Your Office Space Holding You Back?

Getting your office space ‘just right’ can be a challenge for any business. To make matters worse, a poorly thought-out workplace can potentially hold back your business from reaching its fullest potential.

When it comes to office space, there are a whole range of factors to consider when choosing your commercial property to lease in Perth. Here at Altegra Property Group, we have compiled a list of pointers to help make your workspace the best that it can be.

Office design


The design, layout and décor of any office can affect the morale of your staff. In turn, that has the potential to affect productivity and staff retention. Studies have shown that a comfortable workspace that is well-lit and well-ventilated has the ability to increase productivity by up to sixteen percent and job satisfaction by as much as twenty four percent. It is also proven to reduce absenteeism. Further, a study conducted by technological research giant RPI revealed staff that work in an office space with windows spend fifteen percent more time on task than those in a windowless work environment.

Commercial lighting


When searching for office spaces to lease, one of the most important aspects to look for is whether the area is properly lit.  It is well-known that sunshine simply makes people feel better, so make sure there are plenty of large windows allowing natural light to bounce around the workspace. Try looking for office space to rent that has natural light flooding in, and that it is available to most, if not all, of your staff. If possible, avoid overhead lighting – research has shown that it can often lead to headaches and eye strain. Instead, if necessary, opt for task lighting to illuminate individual work areas. While you’re checking the light quality in an office building, make sure to take note of ventilation too. Nobody enjoys working in a small, stuffy environment, and it can lead to tiredness and headaches, in turn affecting overall productivity. Try bringing the outdoors inside with the use of large, green, leafy indoor plants. Green is a naturally calming colour, and the plants will make the air quality cleaner too.

Office décor and accessories


Whether you’re looking to make changes to an existing workspace or considering relocation, the design and flow of an office can have an enormous impact on staff.  An accumulation of paperwork and clutter can be distracting, reducing focus and overall efficiency. Ergonomic chairs, desks and computer accessories are not only more comfortable, but reduce the risk of health issues such as backache and RSI. Try to ensure that everybody has their own ‘space’ – working in a team is great, but not if you’re on top of one another. Individual cubicles provide privacy, reducing stress levels and enabling staff to work without distraction from other team members.

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